Old Bank In City Of Scottsdale Converted To Dispensary

Old Bank In City Of Scottsdale Converted To Dispensary
A bank in Scottsdale got a makeover recently worth a million dollars. However, it is not likely that any cash withdrawals will be made by customers. The only products dispensed will contain medical marijuana.

Harvest Scottsdale is a 6,800 square foot dispensary located on Hayden Road. The location is the second for Harvest in the valley. The company also operates a dispensary in Tempe. The facility will provide a doctor as well as patient advisors for the benefit of patients.

Steve White, the chief executive officer at Harvest, promoted an open house where individuals with and without medical marijuana cards can tour the facility. The goal is to provide visitors with an understanding of what the dispensary and the medical marijuana industry as a whole have to offer the community of Scottsdale.

White says his company sets itself apart from the competition by assuring a positive customer experience. The dispensary includes a spacious area to shop, 11 terminals for checkout, and a number of programs for the benefit of both caregivers and patients.

Beven Barrett is a Scottsdale resident who regularly traveled to Tempeand even Tucson Arizona for the medical marijuana medication her seven-year-old child needs before the new location was opened. She said the support group offered by Harvest was the reason she was willing to travel so far for the medicine her epileptic son needs. She says it is much more convenient for her now that Harvest has a base of operations less than fifteen minutes from her home.

Harvest offers programs for people suffering from specific problems like glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, ALDS, HIV, and others.

White says the mission of Harvest dispensaries is to make patients comfortable with cannabis used for medical purposes. White says the new Harvest location in Scottsdale will provide area residents with a great environment to address their needs.