Scottsdale Data Center Iron Mountain

Oil has long been one of the most valuable natural resources in the eyes of humans. Although automobile manufacturers, governments, and the public are all working on adopting other forms of energy that are less harmful to the environment than petroleum products, oil will continue to be highly valuable for decades to come.

One resource that has been compared to oil in terms of value, being called by some as “the new oil,” is data. Advertisers are able to make better marketing decisions when they have access to data that computer and smartphone users regularly share just by using the Internet. Virtually all businesses advertise, and since businesses will be important to humanity for many centuries to come, it’s safe to say that data will continually become increasingly valued to people across the world.

Cybercrime is becoming more and more prevalent for several reasons:

  • Perpetrators are less likely to get caught as compared to carrying out traditional crimes.
  • Cybercriminals don’t usually have to leave the comfort of their homes to engage in criminal activity.
  • Many businesses, organizations, government agencies, and individuals aren’t prepared for cybercrime, making cybercrime potentially lucrative for all who are involved.

Data Centers Protect Valuable Data

In order to properly protect an entity’s data from getting into the wrong hands, decision-makers, stakeholders, and owners must devote lots of time, effort, money, and other resources to fortifying their computer networks. Further, they need to constantly educate their employees, volunteers, and other members about how to stay safe in the world of computing.

One way that businesses, government bodies, and organizations can stay safer on the Internet and with electronic devices is by trusting data centers to remotely, securely store their valuable information.

Iron Mountain, a global, public company that has data centers all across the world, operates one of its many secure data centers in Scottsdale, Arizona, which serves as a convenient location for all businesses, government entities, and organizations throughout the entirety of the American Southwest.

Reasons Why Iron Mountain Is So Trusted

Iron Mountain has been operating since 1951, providing various security-related services to entities across the globe. As a matter of fact, well over 90% of the entities listed on the most recent rendition of Fortune’s Fortune 1000 trust Iron Mountain for the company’s secure data centers.

Clients have chosen the firm because it also operates over 1,400 other secure data centers around the world, which are found in four-and-a-half dozen countries. Further, Iron Mountain is a stable company, consistently having been listed on Standard & Poor’s 500 REIT over the years.

Iron Mountain also offers proprietary software, applications, and web-based interfaces at no additional charge to clients, meaning they can access their valuable information no matter where they’re located on planet Earth – well, at least as long as they have an active Internet connection.

The company’s Scottsdale, Arizona data center is located just outside of Pheonix International Airport, making travel to Iron Mountain’s campus easy. Further, the multinational corporation offers safe, on-site parking at its Scottsdale location.

Operating expenses are routinely reduced by trusting Iron Mountain’s Scottsdale data center, as the location is, according to the Arizona CDC bill, a Certified Data Center that extends substantial equipment-related exemptions per the Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax. Power costs are also lower than what most clients would usually pay thanks to the environmentally-friendly upgrades that Iron Mountain consistently makes to its Scottsdale, Arizona data center.

Iron Mountain’s Scottsdale Data Center Is Trusted by Many Top-Tier Entities

More than 225,000 clients currently subscribe to services provided by the pros at Iron Mountain. One of the most prestigious and neediest clients that have trusted Iron Mountain for many years is Arizona State University, which happens to be the single largest institution of higher education in terms of enrollment across the United States, home to the greatest collegiate environment in the world.

Iron Mountain’s official website is filled to the brim with similarly positive reports from other top-tier, prestigious clients across the Scottsdale, Arizona area and the rest of the American Southwest.

What Services Are Provided by Iron Mountain’s Scottsdale Data Center?

Iron Mountain’s Scottsdale campus is built on a four-and-a-half-acre lot, allowing the company to provide clients with competitive, wholesale rates to clients. All equipment that this campus uses is provided directly by Iron Mountain, meaning clients don’t have to search for, purchase, or bring their own cages, suites, or cabinets to the company’s Scottsdale data center. Power densities at this location run up to 20 kilowatts for each cabinet.

Unlike many competitors’ data centers, Iron Mountain’s Scottsdale AZS, as it’s called, is a cloud-neutral data center, meaning that clients can access their precious information via the Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon Web Services, or any other cloud they choose.