Scottsdale Dispensary For Cannabis Opens

Scottsdale Dispensary is now Open by Harvest

Last Sunday, a new medical marijuana dispensary started operating in Scottsdale. Located between Hayden Road and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, the grand opening included an open invitation to not just patients but to the community as a whole to come take a look at the new location.

Known as Harvest of Scottsdale dispensary,  hopes that opening the building up to the public as it has will help to change the perception of medical marijuana sellers and users. “…this is an opportunity to invite people and show people what things are really like—then they can make their own decisions,” said CEO Steve White during the opening.

Harvest of Scottsdale Dispensary
Scottsdale Dispensary Menu for Harvest


Costing around $1 million, Harvest will be one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Arizona. In addition to selling cannabis products, the business also plans to hold support groups for those suffering chronic pain and diseases, two of the groups most likely to need medical marijuana.

Harvest opened just weeks before Arizona is set to vote on recreational marijuana use statewide. Whether the result of the vote-affirmative or negative-will affect the sale of their product isn’t a sure thing, though their friendly demeanor and open offer to help the patients find the dispensary menu of Scottsdale better understand the drug might affect the vote itself.